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Beyond GA4 Migration: The Next Steps to Data-Driven Success

If you’re a regular user of Google Analytics, you’ve probably noticed the ticking clock that appears every time you try to load a standard Universal Analytics (UA) property. It’s a clear sign that the end is near. In less than 24 hours, on July 1st, 2023, Universal Analytics standard will enter its sunset phase.

EMEA / Industry Insight

A Marketing Revolution? Why “Retail Media” Is Blowing Up

E-commerce is bigger than ever, and retailers are getting their hands on more and more valuable first-party data. New technologies, such as data clean rooms, are giving retailers and advertisers opportunities to use that data for analysis, data enrichment and activation like never before. As a result, budgets for retail media advertising are growing substantially, with it set to be the ‘next big thing’. But why is this happening?

EMEA / Industry Insight

The Best Google Optimize Alternatives for Experimentation

Experimentation, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and user experience (UX) optimization – if these topics pique your interest, then like me, your feed is likely inundated with articles and discussions about the impending sunset of Google Optimize.

EMEA / Industry Insight

Enhanced Conversions: The Privacy-Safe Solution for Supercharging Your Conversion Tracking Accuracy?

Discover the power of Enhanced Conversions, an invaluable solution within Google’s durable measurement toolkit. By seamlessly integrating this tool into your business, you can unlock a host of benefits, including improved CVRs, higher ROAS, and lower CPAs.

Global / Industry Insight

Bridging the Gap: How BigQuery Augments GA4’s Reporting Capabilities

In the ever-evolving world of data analytics, staying ahead of the game is crucial for businesses seeking valuable insights. The combination of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and BigQuery presents a formidable duo, revolutionizing the way we analyze and leverage data. In this blog, we’ll explore the exciting features of GA4’s new reporting interface and the challenges it brings. Then, we’ll dive into how BigQuery comes to the rescue, offering advanced capabilities and empowering businesses to extract the full potential of their data.

Global / Industry Insight

The Risks, Rewards & Best Practices of Generative AI

Let’s start with the basics. Generative AI, the biggest ‘buzz word’ in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space, refers to the process of using intelligence to generate new data, as opposed to analyzing and categorizing existing data – which is a more traditional AI practice. Put simply, Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence system or algorithm that is capable of generating new content; including text, images and media in response to a set of prompts or inputs.

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