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Our Continued Pledge to Sustainability

Back in 2021 we pledged to put sustainability at the forefront of all that we do going forward – launching a digital carbon offsetting initiative that measures, and offsets, the carbon generated from all media we manage for clients. This initiative is part of our wider commitment to sustainability across the business – raising awareness of sustainable ecommerce practice and driving change.

Global / Industry Insight

Google Retaliates to ChatGPT

You really have to hand it to Google, less than three months has passed since OpenAI released their ChatGPT prototype and they’ve already introduced their in-house rival, Bard – an ‘experimental conversational AI service, powered by LaMDA’ (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). 

EMEA / Industry Insight

Testing for Love… and Love for Testing: Applying Love Island Philosophy to Incubeta’s Testing Approach

With Valentine’s round the corner and Love Island making its nightly appearance on our tellies, love is truly in the air. The show is known for providing easy watching, but in my view, its piercing insight into successful testing approaches has been woefully ignored… until now.

Global / Industry Insight

Get Lucky this Valentine’s Day…

Up there as one of the shortest, yet highly profitable annual celebrations in the global calendar, Valentine’s Day is yet again upon us and advertisers worldwide are ramping it up ahead of the love-induced February 14th.

Global / Industry Insight

Waving Goodbye to Google Optimize

It’s been a busy week for Google who’ve recently announced that, come September 30th 2023, Google Optimize will no longer be available, as they switch their investments to alternate solutions that’ll drive more success for their clients.

Global / Industry Insight

WTF is ChatGPT

Few within the marketing industry, or even those simply perusing LinkedIn, could’ve avoided hearing about ChatGPT – the latest rage in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses deep learning to produce “human-like” text. Gaining two million users within fourteen days of its inception, ChatGPT is effectively a ‘large learning model’ with the remarkable ability to respond to complex questions in a conversational way. 

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