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Getting Back to Normal: 4 Essential Trends for Retail

With coronavirus restrictions across the world beginning to relax, we wanted to put our global expertise to practice – sitting down with our Incubeta leadership team to hear their thoughts and opinions on the state of the retail landscape in a post-Covid world.

Global / Industry Insight / Media

Incubeta Ignite: Unlocking the Door to Growth with Seamless Suite

Last week we hosted the latest event in our Incubeta Ignite series; Seamless Technology Suite – Unlocking the Door to Growth. Introducing the next steps in our Seamless journey, we demonstrated what you can achieve with our award-winning Seamless Search technology, and introduced the latest additions to the Seamless Suite; Seamless Creative and Seamless Signal.

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Event Wrap Up: Personalized Video for Impactful Creative

Engaging consumers in today’s digital landscape requires more relevance than ever before — and brands need to work harder to stand out. Personalized video is an emerging category that takes current video formats and adds customization at scale, making the content relevant to the audience and their interests.

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Upgrade Your Growth On Demand!

Last week was an exciting time for Incubeta as we hosted our first event since the unveiling of our vibrant new identity. Upgrade Your Growth brought together a range of experts from around the world to discuss ways of unleashing growth potential in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile times.

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Upgrade Your Growth with Barbara Wentzel – Head of Global Media at Beiersdorf AG

Founded in the late 19th Century, Beiersdorf is a German multinational company that, despite its prevalence in the skincare industry, is a relatively unknown entity. Paul Beiersdorf, a pharmacist in the 1880’s, founded the company when he registered a patent for the first adhesive plaster in Hamburg  in 1882.

Global / Industry Insight / Media

Upgrade Your Growth with Mark Lilley – Co-Founder & Director at Incubeta Groundswell

There’s no denying how fast the world is moving. Over the course of 2020 we saw astounding levels of growth in both the digital and ecommerce space – with the pandemic generating 10 years worth of ecommerce penetration in just 3 months.

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