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We stay ahead of a fast-changing landscape. Learn what our specialists think about the trends, data and technology that are shaping consumer behaviour, and how you can positively respond.

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Global / Industry Insight

Waving Goodbye to Google Optimize

It’s been a busy week for Google who’ve recently announced that, come September 30th 2023, Google Optimize will no longer be available, as they switch their investments to alternate solutions that’ll drive more success for their clients.

Global / Industry Insight

WTF is ChatGPT

Few within the marketing industry, or even those simply perusing LinkedIn, could’ve avoided hearing about ChatGPT – the latest rage in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that uses deep learning to produce “human-like” text. Gaining two million users within fourteen days of its inception, ChatGPT is effectively a ‘large learning model’ with the remarkable ability to respond to complex questions in a conversational way. 

LATAM / Industry Insight / Life & Culture

Preparing New Professionals for a Career in Digital

At the end of the year, Incubeta LATAM was delighted to announce a partnership with KSchool to run the first Master in Digital Analytics, helping prepare new professionals for a specialist career in digital. This initiative arose based on the increased demand for experts in the LATAM space, following the significant traction that digital marketing is gaining.

EMEA / Industry Insight

Monthly Marketplaces Insights

Welcome to the first edition of our Monthly Marketplace Insights series, where we share a round-up of the latest marketplace updates with a focus on the European market. In this article, learn more about the millions worth of marketplace fines against Amazon and YNAP, the growth of “Recommerce”, and the top ten most searched for Amazon keywords last December 2022 (for Spain, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden). 

EMEA / Industry Insight / Life & Culture

Why Mentorship is Important for Career Growth

Most of us dedicate the beginning of the year to reflect and plan our careers and what we would like to achieve in the year ahead. You may be thinking about transitioning into a new role, a new career path or simply learning a new skill, yet  merely taking an online course or attending training programs may not be enough. 

Global / Industry Insight

Driving Growth in Uncertainty – 3 Top Tips for Business Leaders

Before the shower of blogs, articles, and research papers on the topic of “uncertainty” flood the industry I’m getting my two cents in. It starts with this, uncertainty is nothing new. Sure we have a lot going on at the moment, high inflation, a major conflict in Europe, a revolving door of British PMs etc, but the world always has uncertainty.

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