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We stay ahead of a fast-changing landscape. Learn what our specialists think about the trends, data and technology that are shaping consumer behaviour, and how you can positively respond.

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Global / Industry Insight

Incubeta Predicts: Key Digital Forecasts & Considerations for 2023

2022 showed us how quickly the digital marketing landscape can shift, and the imperative need for reactiveness as a means of survival. With 2023 fast approaching, we presented a survey to our team of digital specialists and leaders to gauge their opinions and thoughts on future trends for the coming year.

Global / Industry Insight

3 Minutes of Digital: TikTok

Over the years, Incubeta has grown from a small-scale digital marketing agency, to become an effective, communicative, full-service digital growth partner.  We have built our reputation over time, adding new specializations and services to our ever-expanding offering, and are thrilled to now be partners on numerous platforms, including the latest; TikTok. 

EMEA / Industry Insight

Google Launches New GA4 Reports Update

Google has announced that, from December 1st, GA4 reports are going to change, as they introduce an update concerning reporting and attribution. Google will launch a new schema compatibility change that will impact the dimensions and metrics of certain scopes.

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Understanding the Trends to Make the Most of Marketing to Millennials

Millennials, which we can roughly define as those born roughly between 1981 and 1995, are a unique generation as an audience for marketers. Raised in an era of exponential technological shifts, the majority of Millennials grew up with limited or nascent internet access, and became a large consumer base at the onset of the eCommerce and social media booms of the early and mid 2000s, respectively.

Global / Industry Insight

Black Friday x The FIFA World Cup – The Competition is On

Falling on the last Friday of November each year, Black Friday is one of the largest Pre-Christmas shopping events celebrated across the world and wider digital space. Often recognized as ‘kickstarting’ the festive shopping season, retailers fight for every eyeball, click, and conversion over Black Friday – ramping up their eCommerce efforts in a bid to out-compete their competitors.

Global / Industry Insight

Tomorrow’s World – Your Questions Answered

In September Incubeta took to the stage at our latest event Tomorrow’s World – hosted at Google’s HQ office in Kings Cross. Joined by several phenomenal brands we took a step back from the fast lane of digital to share informed predictions on tomorrow’s world.

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