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We stay ahead of a fast-changing landscape. Learn what our specialists think about the trends, data and technology that are shaping consumer behaviour, and how you can positively respond.

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Global / Industry Insight

Best Practices for Video Advertising

Over the last year we’ve seen a colossal increase in video consumption, heightened by the pandemic-induced shift to digital throughout the course of 2021. Across all demographics users are consuming more video content than ever before with 59% of Gen Z63% of millennials and 56% of Gen X  spending more time watching user-generated content online compared to 6 months ago.

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

6 Accessibility Tips to Improve Your Customer Experience

The ultimate goal for any brand is to provide an experience for customers that makes them feel like they’re the only customer you care about. Call it personalization, call it an optimized customer experience; the goal is always to delight a customer enough that they want to engage with your brand again and again and encourage others to do the same.


EMEA / Industry Insight / Life & Culture

A Month in the Metaverse…

“The next platform and medium will be even more immersive, an embodied internet where you are in the experience. Not just looking at it (your screen). And we call this ‘the Metaverse’”- Mark Zuckerburg, 2021

EMEA / Industry Insight / Life & Culture

5 Minutes with Jonathan Nerbe; Managing Director of Incubeta Germany

In our latest ‘5 Minutes With’ we sat down with Jonathan Nerbe, the new Managing Director of Incubeta Germany. After three and a half years as Managing Director at Jellyfish, Jonathan spoke to us about digital transformation, expanding Incubeta’s foothold in DACH and what it means to be part of the Incubeta family.

EMEA / Industry Insight

Separating Digital Marketing Dreams from Reality; 4 Retail Trends to Watch

As the familiar saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and judging by recent financial results for many local retailers, the proof of how digital can step in and save revenue in a downturn economy is sweet indeed. But business leaders must guard against presuming digital marketing can deliver miracles without the necessary support. 

Mexico / Industry Insight

3 Top Tips to Prepare for Hot Sale 2022

With less than a month till Hot Sale, Mexico’s largest online sales campaign where businesses across the country offer their customers discounts and exclusive promotions between May 23rd and May 31st, we’ve curated three top tips to help you streamline your digital ad strategy ahead of the 9th Hot Sale edition.

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