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We stay ahead of a fast-changing landscape. Learn what our specialists think about the trends, data and technology that are shaping consumer behaviour, and how you can positively respond.

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EMEA / Industry Insight

3 Ways to Maximize Budget Efficiency

Amid market volatility and economic uncertainty, CMOs worldwide are wrestling with tightening budget constraints, with over 70% claiming insufficient funds to fully execute their 2023 marketing strategies. 

EMEA / Industry Insight

Back to the Basics – Privacy Ready in 5 Steps

You may be tired of hearing about privacy but please stick with me, I promise I won’t make a pun about cookies crumbling.  What I do want to highlight are some foundational solutions which will safeguard your digital media activity in an evolving media landscape.  

EMEA / Industry Insight

A World Without Cookies – A Spotlight on CMP & PPID

As the era of third-party cookies draws to a close, filling the gap in your digital marketing strategy should be the most important task on your to-do list. The shift away from cookies  (forgive us for sounding like a stuck record) will have a significant impact across the entire marketing landscape, and most existing data strategies are not strong enough to withstand the upcoming changes – however hard you might manifest…

EMEA / Industry Insight

The Future of Search – 2023 Trends

For years the main focus of search was the results – or more specifically, the positioning of your brand on the results page. Every business was fighting to get to the top of the SERPs, with first-page ranking being the backbone to search society. However, thanks to Google’s algorithm changes and a rise in consumer awareness, this has since changed. And, rather begrudgingly, we’ve seen the industry pivot towards user experience (UX) – prioritizing user centric content over ranking centric content.

EMEA / Industry Insight

A Make or Break Marketing Strategy: Top Tips to Thrive Amidst Disruptive Privacy Legislation

Traditionally, the most successful companies and web shops could successfully collect and purposefully process data. But times are definitely changing. It will become a lot more difficult to do this in the coming years, which means that for many, the foundation of their online marketing strategy could come crashing down. So, what’s the solution?

AMERICAS / Industry Insight

Consolidated Data is the Future. Are You Prepared?

Let’s start with the basics. Martech, an abbreviation of marketing technology, refers to all the software, platforms, and tools that brands and agencies use to streamline, automate, and analyze the marketing they conduct. Stack procurement is the process of finding and implementing that collection of tools and technologies to aid and deliver on a brand’s needs and goals. 

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