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Valentine’s Day; Trends, Spends & Strategy

Joining the likes of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Halloween, Valentine’s Day is up there as one of the shortest, yet highly profitable annual celebrations in the global calendar. With the past decade showing an 138% uplift in Valentine’s Day related shopping, the ‘love economy’ is undoubtedly booming, and this is only set to increase in the coming years.

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What The App Store’s New Features Mean for Marketers?

The New Year is upon us, and with it Apple announces the recent introduction of two new features, Product Page Optimization and Custom Product Pages. Originally announced back in June at WWDC, Apple has now confirmed that the features are available, meaning app marketers can start building more effective App Store product pages in preparation for 2022 when they get their hands on them via Apple Search Ads. 

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Specialist Spotlight; 5 Minutes with Incubeta’s EU Legal & Contracts Officer, Elaine van Steenbergen

In our latest Specialist Spotlight piece, we sat down with Elaine van Steenbergen, legal and contracts officer for Incubeta Europe who manages internal and external compliance regulations and policies. Working to protect Incubeta from the risks caused by non-compliance, Elaine spoke to us about GDPR, cookies (or future lack thereof) and compliant data collection. 

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Is it Time to Switch to a Data-Driven Attribution Model?

It’s no surprise that the ad tech industry is facing an increasing number of challenges in navigating performance attribution. As a result, it’s moving away from last-click or last-interaction models, and becoming more focused on data-driven attribution. After Google’s decision to switch all Google Ads campaigns to a data-driven attribution model by default, more and more companies are asking us about implementing data-driven attribution in their Campaign Manager 360 account. 

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The Future-is-Now; Why Reprieving Privacy Optimization is a Ticking Time Bomb

Over the last decade we’ve seen the ways in which consumer data is collected, used, and regulated change drastically. The door to sophisticated ad personalization has been thrown wide open, and as such the tracking capabilities of marketers have increased fourfold – enabling brands to significantly boost the efficacy of their customer outreach. And in some cases, violate basic consumer privacy rights. 

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The DV360 Series

As one of only four global Google Marketing Platform (GMP) partners, Incubeta is constantly on the lookout for the latest features and opportunities within GMP and translating these into consumable pieces of content for our clients. This month our focus was on DV360 and how it can make all the difference to your programmatic strategy and performance. 

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Incubeta Predicts: All Eyes on 2022

2021 showed us how quickly the rules of marketing can change and how staying ahead of the game, and on-top of emerging trends is crucial to succeed. With 2022 fast approaching, we spoke to thirty three members of our senior leadership team across the world to hear their thoughts and opinions on the state of digital marketing in the new year. Covering everything from privacy and automation to sustainability and user experience, here’s what’s in store for the marketing industry in 2022. 

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Black Friday 2021; Everything you Need to Know

With another Black Friday behind us, and Christmas fast approaching we spoke to our teams across the globe to see what shoppers were up to over the five day shopping bonanza. Answering everything from Average Order Value, and total media spend, to most popular shopping day, and device of choice, our post-Black Friday analysis answers some interesting questions.

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Specialist Spotlight; 5 Minutes with Incubeta’s Lead Consultant, Daniel Ferreira

In our latest Specialist Spotlight piece, we sat down with Daniel Ferreira, our lead consultant in Benelux who specializes in helping brands build, implement and optimize their media plans. Working with some of the biggest brands in the financial, telecommunication and travel sector, Daniel spoke to us about ecommerce, the rejuvenation of brick-and-mortar, and a world without cookies. 

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Making the Most of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

From Alexa and Siri, to automated customer assistance and self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us – in fact, 64% of consumers worldwide are already interacting with AI on a daily basis without even knowing it. Thanks to the role that Hollywood plays, many seem to have a somewhat warped perception of AI – believing it to be a form of sentient robot. But this is far from true.