Incubeta to Join Panel at Hashtag Sports Conference

We’re excited to take the stage at this year’s Sports Betting Media Summit, which is a part of the Hashtag Sports 2020 virtual conference

Danielle Moyer

Our Innovation Director, Max Flajsner, will join an exciting panel with Niall MacKenzie (Head of US Gambling, Google) and Aubrey Levy (VP Content & Marketing, theScore) on Tuesday, October 20th at 10 AM EDT, as they discuss the State of Digital Marketing in the U.S. Sports Betting Market. Lisa Morton, Incubeta’s Head of Marketing, will be moderating the session as well.

It’s been just over a year since Google opened up advertising to sports betting companies in the United States, and as legalized betting continues to rapidly spread across the country, digital marketing will become even more of a key differentiator for brands looking to cut through the noise and engage users. Those that leverage industry-leading innovations and solutions will be poised to excel as the market expands, leaving competitors in the dust. 

The panel of experts will explore the current state of digital marketing in sports betting, common challenges, and acquisition strategies, as well as what’s to come next year and beyond.

Hashtag Sports is the benchmark for engagement and the community dialogue leading the development of the emerging sports x entertainment ecosystem, offering groundbreaking content, conversation, and connections to thousands of executives, marketers, creators, storytellers, athletes, and entertainers.

This year’s event is free to attend for industry professionals as well as individuals who are currently out of work due to the impact of COVID-19. Registration for free general admission passes is available until October 16th. We hope to see you there!

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