Incubeta Acquires Global Marketplace Expert, Maze-One

Today we’re delighted to announce that marketplace agency Maze-One will be joining the Incubeta family and expanding our global employee roster by 50+ talented experts. Our latest acquisition will position Incubeta as leading experts in the marketplace space, helping our clients upgrade their growth within current markets and expand internationally.

Matilda Rose Moir

With Headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK, Maze-One is a full-service marketplace agency that works closely with over 140 clients to ensure their brands build sustainable, profitable relationships with Amazon and other marketplaces. Driving business growth for brands via marketplace management and consultancy, Maze-One champions the growth narrative and will only bolster Incubeta’s digital commerce capabilities and enhance our durability as a growth partner. 

Incubeta Group CEO, Lars Lehne, shared his thoughts: “This is a valuable acquisition allowing us to gain additional control over the customer journey. We now have even more capability to upgrade the growth of customers on the retail side. This opens up a whole new world of services and products for our clients. It is also a testament to our continued expansion as we seek to provide the most innovative and complete offering to our clients,”

Tim van der Bilt, Maze-One’s founder and CEO shared his thoughts: ”By joining Incubeta, we are able to take our business to the next level and access world class digital marketing capabilities. Our customers will benefit from the expertise that the team at Incubeta brings to the table.” 

Maze-One will be incorporated into the Incubeta brand and Tim van der Bilt will continue to lead the company as its CEO. He reports to Incubeta’s Chief Growth Officer and EMEA CEO, Michael Ossendrijver. 

It’s great to have Maze-One on board as a member of the Incubeta family and we look forward to our continued growth and development as a global brand and beyond!

If you would like to receive any further information, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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